Power cleans are used in many strength & conditioning...

Power cleans are used in many strength & conditioning programs due to it’s benefits of being a relatively easy Olympic lift to teach helping athletes develop strength, speed, coordination and power. This is a great place for athletes to start and also serves as a nice introduction into the full (squat) clean.

One challenge people run into, however, when they start to toy around with the full iteration of the lift is they find their technique on power cleans look and feel rather different than their full cleans. This loses some of the valuable skill transfer across movements. To hedge this from happening, make sure all the pieces of the full cleans are present when performing the power cleans:

1. The set-up should be the same for both lifts.

2. Focus on getting a full extension and sitting into a solid receiving position.

3. Move the feet to the same location you would for the full lift.

4. Work on having a smooth delivery of the bar into the rack.

5. Do not use more weight than your technique would allow. Beginners can wedge more weight up with the power clean by making some physical compensations developing a technique that won’t carry over.

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