One of the first concepts Coach Wu (@wuchuanfu) talked to me...

One of the first concepts Coach Wu (@wuchuanfu) talked to me about when we first started chatting about weightlifting was this idea of balancing the system. Through balance, the body can move with more efficiency essentially minimizing unnecessary muscular activation so that the energy created by the legs can get carried through more readily to the barbell.

This idea is what drives weightlifting technique within the Chinese system. This is why we might see various Chinese national athletes expressing different styles of movement, but all of their lifts looks fast, smooth and effortless — each rep projecting the same feeling to the viewer regardless of the weight being carried on the barbell.

To demonstrate this idea of balance, Coach Wu performs an easy and effortless 160kg/352lbs and 180kg/396lbs no-hands back squat at 69kg/152lbs bodyweight. I think the most impressive part for me was that this video was done yesterday after a conversation we had over Skype, and I know for certain Coach Wu has not been training much (if at all) because he’s been busy traveling and getting his athletes prepared for The Commonwealth Games coming up next week in the UK.

WARNING: This party trick is for demonstration only boys and girls. Do not attempt this at home.

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Video cred: @wuchuanfu

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