Highland Games world champion Matt Vincent (@matsoexplosion)...

Highland Games world champion Matt Vincent (@matsoexplosion) came through last week to do some filming for his new “Drifta Lifta” series (https://m.youtube.com/#/user/mvincent4130). He wanted to do a quick segment on Olympic lifting and we had a little under an hour to get some work done.

Matt is a nationally ranked weightlifter with a total of 322kg (145kg/177kg) so this wasn’t going to be about teaching the man how to lift. After reviewing some of his recent lifting videos and asking him about his thought process behind the movement, Matt said one of his biggest challenges was “getting under the bar” and that he invariably always ends up power snatching/cleaning his heaviest weights.

We decided that this was going to be what we tackled. A good receiving position comes from a good extension which originates from a good set-up. We made the following adjustments on Matt:

1. Lifted his hips in the set-up to place him more over the bar and shifted his balance from heels to mid-foot.

2. De-emphasized the position at the knees and emphasized placing the bar at the hips.

3. Cued better extension at the top of the pull.

The video shows a couple of Matt’s lifts at 120kg in June and then 120kg again after the adjustments. Thanks for coming through Matt! It was a huge honor to be able to work with you. You can also find Matt on:


Twitter @matSOawesome


Strength LAB is at mattvincent.net/store/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=56.

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