You’re in. You’ve decided that maybe every...

You’re in. You’ve decided that maybe every competitive weightlifter out there might be onto something with this whole shoe thing and now you’re on the market for a pair of your own. Which brand do you buy? What size? Geez, most importantly, which color?! With so many options available these days, shopping for your first pair of weightlifting shoes can be daunting at best. Here are a few quick tips when researching for your first pair:

1. Go with your dress shoe size not your sneaker size. For example, I’m a size 6.5 in my Reeboks but wear a size 6 in my fashion shoes so I go with a size 6 when buying my weightlifting shoes.

2. Research and compare heel heights. Chances are you’ll be happy with a heel height of 3/4”-1” but some run higher and a few lower.

3. Consider your purpose for these shoes. Is it primarily for lifting or will you be cross training in them? #Adidas and #Reebok have hybrid shoes with a softer toe box available for cross training purposes.

There are, of course, more considerations to be had but keeping the top 3 tips in mind should do the trick for your very first pair of weightlifting shoes.

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