We’ve all heard the benefits of training with a partner,...

We’ve all heard the benefits of training with a partner, with a club, watching YouTube videos of high level lifters do their thing.

Part of it is the psychological push of training with someone(s) better than you and sharing the common goal of trying to level up the playing field. But the other part is what we all wished we could do back when we were still in school: learn through osmosis while we slept drooling over our text books.

Turns out visual osmosis is a reality thanks to these special brain cells found on either side of the brain called ‘mirror neurons’. Mirror neurons are the reason why we can be such fanatics about sports, why we cry at movies, why we get excited about someone else’s PR regardless of the actual weight on the bar.

It turns out that mirror neurons fire regardless of if we’re actually producing the movement or if we’re watching the same movement being performed — although the firing is less prevalent in the latter.

The basic idea is if we can see each other and feel the same emotions, then we can plug in, learn from one another and all evolve.

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