To use blocks, not to use blocks or does it even matter? Since...

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To use blocks, not to use blocks or does it even matter? Since I’ve been doing so much work from the blocks, there’ve been questions from all of you regarding whether or not it would also help your training. The short answer is I don’t know since I’m not involved in your training. However, here are some general guidelines for you to consider to see whether it will be an appropriate solution for you to test out.

Blocks might help your training if:

1. You are slow to explode in your second pull. Using lighter weights and trying to move faster (but not losing control or awareness of where the barbell is in space).


2. Have a weakness somewhere between the floor and your power position. Using heavier weights to strengthen/overload specific positions. Pauses or tempo work would help in this case along with setting the box height at the point you are trying to strengthen.

3. Don’t like pulling under the bar. The shorter pulls means less time to think. Less thinking and more reacting will help with confidence and coordination getting underneath the weight.

4. Need a way to keep volume/intensity higher while placing less overall stress on the body. In my case, I used boxes to help tweak technique and push in more volume so I had enough reps to experiment with and find the movement I wanted to pattern.

5. Anything else you can think of that will help your lifting and movement. Exercises are simply a tool. How you use that tool will define it’s purpose.

And yes, this all can also simply be done from the hang without blocks, however, I see hang work and block work each as separate stimulus on the body with different pros and cons from its use.

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