There is this weird myth out there that...

There is this weird myth out there that #OlympicStyleWeightlifting (OSWL) is hard to learn. It really isn’t THAT hard. I see people come into our Introduction to #CrosSFit Basics workshops all the time, learn the #snatch and #clean&jerk along with various other skills inside an hour and start lifting within that same session. However, if we take that thought one step further, I would say #OSWL is rather difficult to master.

In highly technical skills such as #gymnastics, #piano, #guitar, OSWL, there really is no such thing as perfection. There is always something you can improve upon, something you can tweak to make better, something you can do to get another 0.0001% out of your skill. The way I see #weightlifting then is that it’s a journey. I’ve talked to #weightlifters of all levels from novices to #Olympians and it’s never “the end”. You’re always trying to put another kilo on the bar, refine some technique or get stronger. Heck, even Jiro (#JiroDreamsofSushi) still sees himself as a student of his craft.

As a novice lifter, it is important that you keep these things in mind as you begin and not rush through any part of the learning. I often see new lifters, eager to add weight to the bar, try to hit a PR at every session or perform working sets at weights that are beyond their technical ability. Even an untrained eye walking by can tell, “Well, that just didn’t ‘look/feel’ right.” Now my suggestion isn’t to use light weight at every workout either but rather to flirt that line of technical challenge where 4 out of every 5 reps looks and feels good. This will develop proper motor control along with increasing your ceiling of long term improvement.

Remember that as adults we’re probably starting out with a strength capacity that is far greater than what we will be snatching and clean&jerking and that it can take up to a few years to start realizing your potential — that is assuming you lift with regularity. Have patience and don’t rush your progress cause even the world’s best are still trying to improve.

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