There are 3 main areas that will have a strong positive or...

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There are 3 main areas that will have a strong positive or negative impact when looking at ROM of a weightlifter. Those areas are the system around the shoulder, hip and ankles. The first two, in my observation, seems to be where the majority of people spend their time leaving the ankles often under attended.

If you feel your bottom position might be less than ideal, lack of ankle ROM might be the sneaky culprit! Dr Brandon Tom (@brandonw8lifter) is here to offer some insight into get that corner moving for you.

This mobilization can be helpful for individuals with tight ankles or even prior history of injury that causes a “pinching” pain when the ankle is bent to end range in the bottom position. To begin:

1. Place your foot on top of a bench or weight plate. Take a hand towel and secure the middle edge of the towel where your ankle joint hinges.

2. Gather the two free ends behind your heel and pull down and back. Push your knee back and forth so your ankle bends, moving into resistance from the towel but avoiding pain.

3. You should feel a moderate to mild amount of pressure across the front of your ankle joint as you push your knee forward.

4. Re-test your overhead squat afterwards and you should be able to bend the ankle you mobilized further.

This mobilization can be done right before snatching/cleaning and will not decrease maximal muscle contraction necessary to perform the lifts.

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