@slagatron_ asks: How do you prevent your chest from dropping...

@slagatron_ asks:

How do you prevent your chest from dropping and the hips not remaining under the shoulders as you come out of the bottom of a heavy back/front squat or a heavy clean?

Assuming things are looking good at the lighter weights, we can assume that the athlete has already been addressing any mobility and flexibility issues that would limit him/her from being in a good position.

With that assumption in place, maintaining the chest up and hips under the shoulders requires positional strength and the athlete to have the ability to keep the hips open (knees out) to allow the hips to sit in over the ankles and stay underneath the shoulders. Keep in mind that the longer the length of the femur, the farther out the hips must open to displace the distance of that segment.

Having a solid rack position with the barbell will also hedge against any flexion that will want to occur as the athlete ascends from the hole.

Moving through this position requires strength and a conscious effort to drive the chest up through the bar while the legs and hips chase the line of action through the shoulders. Having the technique of catching the bounce out of hole (in the clean or front squat) will also help maintain movement efficiency.

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