REPOST FROM @jackie585: “Check it out guys!!!!! The one...

REPOST FROM @jackie585: “Check it out guys!!!!! The one and only @dianefu will be taking over my Instagram on Thursday 6/26 at 2pm (PST) to answer all your weightlifting questions!!!! Great opportunity to pick her brain on anything oly!!! She’s helped me out soooo much in such a short time. you don’t wanna miss this!!!! Any common faults you have, you need assistant exercises, and so on!! @csagym @wfitnutrition @fitaid @caffeineandkilos #crossfit #snatch #cleanandjerk #dianefu”


Come chill with me as I take over Jackie’s IG this Thursday, 2PM (PST) and let’s chat weightlifting! #FuBarbell