One word, dope! So this is going to be a grip and shoulder...

One word, dope! So this is going to be a grip and shoulder burner for sure. For everyone gunning to get through the AMRAP plus, managing the grip, shoulder and heart rate will allow for a better flow through the workout.

1. I’d recommend suiting up with a lightweight lifting shoe such as the Reebok CrossFit Lifters. The heel will give you an added advantage on the rower, wall balls and cleans.

2. Keep the grip relaxed on the rower setting an even pace to get the workout started. Blowing it out hard here will not gain you much value as you advance to the toes to bar.

3. On the toes to bar, break it up into manageable sets always saving 2-3 reps in the bank account. Cash out early and you’re done for the rest of the reps.

4. For the wall balls, adopt a good front rack position with the arms. Do not catch and let the ball slide lower than the shoulder level. This will keep the range of movement tight and allow you to be more efficient on the turn around.

5. Most everyone will fall to singles by the time the cleans come around. Keep the bar close and drop each rep to the floor. Stay with your bar (do not step away) and be ready to set and pick-up as soon as the bar touches the floor. This is especially important because the time in which you wrap up the cleans will also serve as a tie breaker.

6. Muscle ups are what I call the unicorn of CrossFit. If you’re lucky/skilled enough to have them, reps of 1-3 are what you’re probably going to be looking at when you get to this station. Go for broke here as long as you can maintain the standard!

7. I do feel this is a workout well within reason of performing twice. It’s challenging, but also fun so pace a little extra the first time through so you have a good sense of where you can push for the second go around.

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