Note: Turn on your sound before watching this video. When Coach...

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Note: Turn on your sound before watching this video.

When Coach Wu and I first started chatting, he told me he could make out how a lifter finished the second pull by the sound of the bar as it passed the hips. Having never contemplated this quality of weightlifting before, I couldn’t fully appreciate the depth of this information.

In the earlier days when I would send him a video where I thought I achieved the desired technique, he would respond that I still hit the bar with my hips as opposed to pushing it up with my quads (even though to me it seemed as if I achieved both hip and knee extension). Confused, I asked how he could tell. His answer was simply, “Easy. You can hear it in the sound of the barbell.” Now that my new technique is finally starting to (albeit still a work in progress) take shape, I am beginning to connect the dots on all the subtleties Coach Wu discussed with me early on.

Video one is the classic “shift into the heels to load the hamstrings like a rubber band” technique and video two is the Chinese method of “staying in the mid/forefoot with quads loaded to push the bar up” technique. Both get the job done, but each with it’s own distinct rhythm and sound. Now ain’t that something? Who loves weightlifting? I do!

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