For my 12-week Rise Strength Bundle on @codyapp I also wrote my...

For my 12-week Rise Strength Bundle on @codyapp I also wrote my first e-book! This bundle blends my best programming with theory to first teach you use and move your body in the most efficient way possible, and second to teach you proper bar path. This surefire combination will improve your lifts, increase your load capacity, and help you develop a greater understanding of your strength! (link in bio)

While this series’ effectiveness is rooted in its programming, this comprehensive Weightlifters Guide will go in depth and break down movements like snatch and clean and jerk into digestible pieces so you can develop the strength, awareness, control, and muscle memory needed to maximize your barbell efficiency. This perfectly compliments the bundle, which pairs partial lifts to first build awareness and control before incorporating speed and explosiveness to your movements. This united and cohesive e-book/bundle format will produce steady, strong and noticeable results!

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