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Link can be found in bio:

Hey guys, we created an FAQ based on some of the Qs we got in last week. Check it out!

1. This is a book about Olympic Weightlifting. This product is, at its most basic definition, a textbook and reference guide. Our goal is to educate and help anyone who wants to learn how to weight lift in the Olympic style technique no matter their skill level. Topics will range from specific techniques and instructions, training programs, accessory training ideas, and cues for athletes of all levels. We’re just presenting this valuable information in a creative manner.

2. This is ALSO an Art Book. Being a textbook doesn’t mean something has to be dry and boring. We’ve chosen to make the presentation of the material a work of art. Our current goal is to have 8-10 different artists working on the book - each with their own unique style and colors. The net result will be a visually striking conversation piece on top of being a practical useful guide.

3. Why Illustrations and not photographs? Often, illustrations and art help us better ‘see’ the important truths. For example, a medical illustration of the lungs and heart is a much easier way to imagine the cardio-vascular system rather than an actual photograph of the organs themselves (which would also be gross!). Also, we believe that Olympic Weightlifting is an art form as much as it is an sport. So, why not present it in an artistic manner?

4. Will all the illustrations be Diane Fu? Our book will contain illustrations based on Diane Fu and fellow coach/lifter Will Rawlings. So, backers will be able to see techniques performed by both a man and a woman.

5. When can we see more illustrations? In the weeks to come, we’ll be showing test drawings from a few of our other confirmed artists. Stay tuned and spread the word!

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