Lester and I might be done with our tour, but we will continue...

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Lester and I might be done with our tour, but we will continue to collaborate and bring you top level information on weightlifting! Here Lester talks about how to break down your pull and dissect weaknesses.

By @lesterhokw:

Understanding the Length of the Pull.

The pull can be broken down into various phases and similarly, assistance exercises can be categorised to work on different aspects of the pull.

Understanding which portions of the pull lack work will allow you to use the appropriate assistance movements to improve on a certain aspect of the whole pull before tying it into the lift from the ground.

For example, I tend to get really lazy with finishing the pull. This exercise of working from the blocks with the bar starting under the knees and finishing in a power position highlights that. If you notice, my speed through the second pull is slow and I lack good extension velocity to gain height on the bar.

How that translates to the movement is that I tend to depend on pulling under fast which allows me to pull “enough” and get under efficiently.

Therefore, I’m working from this start position below the knees and ending with a power snatch to help me improve my speed and aggression with the second pull.

In other words, I just need to be less lazy and work harder to finish the pull.

Another EMOM inspired by Diane (@dianefu): First 5 minutes at 73kg.

Second 5 minutes at 76kg.

As many singles at 79kg to finish off the EMOM.

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