Last week I announced my new @codyapp Rise: Strength plan with...

Last week I announced my new @codyapp Rise: Strength plan with @ager_bomb! This is programming appropriate for the athlete looking for a deeper well of strength to draw from for their training and to improve upon the positions of their snatch, clean + jerk. Now there are only 48 hours left to get it for 25% off! (link in bio)

In this 4-week series Andrea and I will show you how to develop strength in your push and pulling mechanics, systematically increase your leg strength through a solid back squat regimen, and we’ll take you through body weight movement to help accessorize lifts like snatch and clean and jerk.

This plan is structured with strong and detailed programming – and all of our days together are unique! Each day you’ll receive coaching cues and pointers from both of us along with step-by-step visual instruction further polish and develop your technique.

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