It’s really exciting to hear from athletes that are...

It’s really exciting to hear from athletes that are following my online program. Krista has been doing my Olympic Weightlifting Starter plan and just sent me this photo with the following note:

"My name is Krista Everson, Ive been lifting for 3 years. After a 5 month hiatus, I was ready & focused to get back under the barbell. I bought your plan to do so. The videos are fantastic. Nice, slow, precise. Pointing out key elements in the lifts are great for newcomers and experienced lifters back that are getting back on the platform. The movement practice is great! It allows me to work on key elements of the lifts, slow things down and I can sense where my weaknesses are which is hugely useful. I’m starting to feel improvement in my stability & coordination in my snatch lift after 2 weeks on this program is encouraging and down right exciting! Looking forward to continuing on this program and to be platform ready for 2014!" If you want me to see your progress, log them on @codyapp after buying the plan. Let’s get platform ready in 2014!

My Olympic Weightlifting Starter Plan is available at

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