If you missed part 1, be sure to check out this morning’s...

If you missed part 1, be sure to check out this morning’s post. Here’s part 2 about movement during the back squat in light of Chinese weightlifting by @iamjwjw:


4. In terms of depth, the guideline is to break parallel(hip crease below the top of the knee). However, there is an optimal depth for each individual, where you will be able to dynamically drive out of the bottom position. Achieving this “bounce” takes practice and must be performed without any break in body positions. Going rock-bottom is seldom advised, unless an individual can maintain strong positioning.

5. When driving out of the bottom, imagine the body as an “A” frame. Your feet being the bottom points of the “A” and the head/load being the top point. You are driving your power up and center towards the top point of the “A”.


6. In terms of knee movement, the knees may shift in slightly as you drive up. Once this happens, there shouldn’t be any change of knee positioning anymore. Note that the movement is slight and may not be even noticeable for strong athletes.

7. Complete the movement by coming back to start position - mind focused, body relaxed, “feeling” the load in your quads.

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