I can’t say we didn’t all predict what was going to...

I can’t say we didn’t all predict what was going to happen this week! What I am surprised with is Mr. Dave Castro changing the challenge from a time priority to a task priority piece. Well played. There’s no where to hide when you’re committed to getting it all done!

1. I’d recommend suiting up with a lightweight lifting shoe such as the Reebok CrossFit Lifters. The heel will give you an added advantage on those thrusters.

2. Tape or use wrist wraps if you feel the wrists might start to get a little smokey from catching the thrusters or dropping down on the burpees.

3. On the thrusters, adopt a stance width that allows the hip crease to fall just below the knees. This will tighten up the range of movement, hedge any unnecessary downward travel, and also create a more stable platform for the rest of the system.

4. Smart pacing is key. For those of you that need to break up the thrusters, cascading sets will allow your brain to wrap around this massive grinder — a set of 8, 7, 6 = 21 reps, a set of 7, 6, 5 = 18 reps, a set of 6, 5, 4 =15 reps, etc. For the rest of you, thrusters are the time to hustle. Adopt a quicker pace that still allows you to stay behind the redline and git ‘er done!

5. Burpees are where everyone catches some “active recovery”. Pacing should be done at an even tempo and footwork should be smooth while trying to minimize the extra stutter steps when jumping over the bar. Slow down, but don’t stop moving!

6. With 168 total reps inside this workout. I do believe it’s within reason of performing twice. Being a relatively low tech high capacity piece, how you pace will ultimately determine the final outcome. Pay attention to where you went too fast/slow the first time around and make the necessary adjustments on the following attempt.

See you on the other side!

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