Got a text from Kendrick Farris (@kendrickjfarris) the other day...

Got a text from Kendrick Farris (@kendrickjfarris) the other day showing me this video saying this is the first time he’s pulled from the floor in 6 months. 6 months! Wow.

So naturally, I had to inquire deeper into the method behind the greatness. Alternating his training every 3-4 weeks between the high hang and low hang position, Kendrick spends time reinforcing good movement patterns and building exceptional work capacity. For the high hang he’ll work in sets of 5. For the low hang, he’ll perform sets of 3. And, contrary to what people might think, our Olympic hero only maxes out roughly once every 6 months! Now that’s dedication to one’s craft.

Kendrick’s 2014 competition schedule will have him busy in March, May and September. Solid.

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