Got elbow pain? @mobilitywod tells us to source upstream and...

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Got elbow pain? @mobilitywod tells us to source upstream and downstream to resolve pain so often times the shoulders get the lion’s share of the attention.

Don’t forget to also pay attention to both the mobility and strength of the wrists. Tightness here will prevent the load from sitting comfortably in the rack and cause torque to get driven into the elbow. All of this stunts efficient power delivery to the bar.

Here are some wrist push-ups after a basic mobility routine to warm-up. I haven’t had any discomfort in my elbows since placing focus on wrist mobility and strength in my warm-ups prior to lifting.

Note: These take a minute to build up to so scale progressively. Check out my friend @carlpaoli at @freestyleconnection for tips and tricks on this and more!

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