The goal of the starting position is to get the body + barbell...

The goal of the starting position is to get the body + barbell (WL system) into a good second pull position above the knee. We’ve all heard this many times before but how to customize this for each athlete is less often discussed.

The basic framework to set an athlete up is:


1. Line the barbell roughly mid to front of the foot.

2. Have the hips at or above the level of the knees.

3. Place the shoulders on top to slightly over the bar.

Great, now you’re in place, but how can you tell if your athlete is in a good set-up that’s customized for them? This is where the coach + athlete relationship comes into play. The initial separation of barbell off the floor comes from the drive of the legs pushing into the ground. If an athlete doesn’t feel like they are able to get the entirety of their leg strength pushing into the floor, then adjustments with the width of the stance and height of the hips and shoulders up/down can be made until the athlete feels locked and set into place.

This video is of Profe. Edison Carriel coaching his teenage daughter who trains with him at the Olympic Training Center in Guayaquil, Ecuador. @kallpacrossfit

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