Do you know how to leverage your body? Or, in other words, which...

Do you know how to leverage your body? Or, in other words, which style of pull is better suited for you? Before we begin to explore these topics on a deeper level, Lester Ho (@lesterhokw) is here to lay a foundation and plant those seeds of thought.




Levers determine how the weighted develops force and moves around the bar in the most efficient and effective manner. Understanding the length of your levers and how they relate to each other is as important as understanding how to use them.

Just a quick lesson on how placing your levers in a different set up can have a subtle difference in what happens to the bar. From the paused screenshot of the video, you can see the difference between the two positions. On the left is a pull using more leg drive and starting centered in the first pull while on the right is a pull involving more of a sweep (i.e. loading up the hamstrings). For some, the position on the right is a good position for the transition into the second pull. However, in this case, as we explore further into the lift, when the power position is achieved, the bar being swept back due to the attempt to load up the hamstrings have caused the lifter to be slower. Thus, in the second pull, the lifter then needs to do more to accelerate the bar to achieve the required height for the receiving position.

This highlights the importance of not only understanding the characteristics of your levers but also combining that with how they should work in your favor. By doing so, that can allow you to channel the force developed in the right direction to lift a heavier weight.”


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