CrossFit Open 14.2 Wow, CrossFit HQ sure is clever! I wait in...

CrossFit Open 14.2

Wow, CrossFit HQ sure is clever! I wait in anticipation each week to see how they will spin these WODs; and just when you don’t think they can come up with something original, CrossFit HQ never ceases to amaze me. Love it.

This week’s challenge has two movements, the overhead squat and chest to bar pull-ups. At face value, this seemingly innocent couplet seems simple but it’s far from simplistic. Demanding a rather large end range for both, either one or both can be the nemesis for the athlete within this WOD.

Points of Performance for 14.2:

1. Spend the first 2 sets/6min feeling things out. Don’t go for broke trying to buy extra rest time.

2. Break the sets up early on the chest to bar pull-ups. No need to string them together early. Save that for when you need the push in the latter rounds.

3. On the overhead squat, a slightly wider stance and relatively narrower grip will help keep the shoulders stable and hips hitting end range sooner. This technique will allow the athlete to move fluidly without extra effort in trying to control the range of movement.

4. Spend extra time getting the shoulders and hips warm. Chasing down the thoracic spine will buy some extra slack both overhead and for the end ranges of the chest to bar pull up. As always, make sure you are slightly sweaty before hitting the 3, 2, 1 GO!

5. For my friends that will be hitting this challenge up twice, I suggest pacing extra on the first attempt. Be conservatively successful. This will establish a baseline of what you know you can do without a problem. By being a little more reserved on the first go, you to head into 14.2 a second time with less stress, fear and more clarity for where you can push to get the extra points.

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