Coach @wuchuanfu demonstrating how to use the legs to finish the...

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Coach @wuchuanfu demonstrating how to use the legs to finish the pull. The challenge Filip (and myself and many athletes with a shorter torso to femur ratio) exhibit is that our low backs tend to kick in easily due to the stronger (or you can see it as lack of ability to have this subtle control over) lever of the shorter torso. The challenge this exhibits is that as soon as the low back kicks in, it cuts off the ability for the athlete to drive through and power transfer well through the legs. What might look like a nice movement ends up lacking luster in overall power output.


For the legs to be able to drive the motion well, the low back must be relaxed but stable. Here you can see Coach Wu demonstrating the snatch high pull using just leg drive to move the bar. And while Filip performs well on overall rhythm, most of the pulling power comes from the arms and shoulders.


This may seem nuanced to many of you, and many more of you may not even be able to tell the difference between the two but this is the level of detail the coaches here in China have with their athletes. What we are doing here at this camp is the fundamentals the kids at the primary school are learning, but picking up at a much faster rate.


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