Coach Wu (@wuchuanfu) demoing (squat) cleans for 16.2! Points...

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Coach Wu (@wuchuanfu) demoing (squat) cleans for 16.2!

Points of Performance:

1. Eyes/Chin up to help rotate the body upright in the catch.

2. Focus on leg drive over back extension to drive the system up. As the bar is passing the knees, start driving (pushing) the legs harder into the floor while maintaining the shoulders slightly over the bar. Thinking about drawing a straight line with your head helps keep the form.

3. Singles from the start to hedge the fatigue of touch ‘N go reps. The time you save may not be worth the initial investment!

4. Relax and create only enough tension to move the bar. Excess effort used to control the weight will again only chip away at your available capacity.

5. Be ready to stay on the bar between reps. Do not step away! Manage the amount of time between reps either on the clock or count your breathes. Ex. Take no more than 3 breathes between reps and force yourself to go again.

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