Announcing my 3-part Rise Strength bundle with 12 weeks of...

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Announcing my 3-part Rise Strength bundle with 12 weeks of programming and a FREE e-book, “Weightlifters Guide to Efficiency” on @codyapp with my good friend @ager_bomb! This 12-week strength and conditioning program will teach you how to move your body in the most efficient way possible by developing serious strength, speed, power and control. If you want to raise the bar on your Olympic-style lifting, this will get you there! (link in bio)

The series is broken up into three 4-week blocks. Each phase pairs partial lifts with a variety of dynamic accessory movements to build awareness and explosiveness. I’ve also created a comprehensive e-book specifically for this bundle and it’s FREE for bundle members!

In the first 4-week phase you will develop strength in push and pull mechanics, systematically increase your leg strength through a solid back squat cycle, and establish solid foundational bodyweight strength. In Builder I we’ll ramp up the intensity of the accessory work and increase the complexity of the partial lifts by developing and lengthening the pulls. In the third and final phase we will peel back on squat strength and focus on carrying weight from the floor to overhead in the fastest and most efficient way possible using the strength and skills you’ve learned in the previous 8 weeks.

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