2016 Olympic Champion Deng Wei smoking 120kg on the hang snatch...

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2016 Olympic Champion Deng Wei smoking 120kg on the hang snatch like it’s a toy. You can’t see all weights loaded on the bar from this angle; but for those of you who can speak Mandarin, you can hear her coach saying it’s 120kg in the background.


Deng Wei currently holds the world record in the CNJ at 147kg in the 63kg BW category and also in the total at 262kg. Her personal best in the snatch is currently 115kg. And yes, she did do more in this video.


Bonus Edit: it’s not uncommon for the professional athletes to snatch and clean more from the hang than from the floor. From this high/tall position, the pull is more direct and it’s easier to maintain proper angles for the best power transfer. There’s also a loading component where the bar can get a little bit of momentum lowering down from the top. If timed correctly, it can help the athlete generate more speed during the turn around over coming off the ground from a dead stop.


If you are someone who can move more from the ground than you can from the hang, one reasoning could be that you are counting on the momentum/speed coming off the floor rather than power transferring from the legs to drive height on the bar. This method may seem to have its merits for a newer lifter until the weight becomes truly significant for their capabilities and then they will find themselves stuck at the same numbers until the problem is resolved. Alright folks, it’s nearly midnight in China and I’m about to turn into a pumpkin. See you all in the morning!

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