Conversation is the medium that bonds us together. I find...


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Conversation is the medium that bonds us together. I find through daily conversations with friends and colleagues is when thinking becomes elevated and creativity is spurred like kindling a flame.

Coach Wu, Singapore’s national team weightlifting coach and former Chinese weightlifting team athlete, has been graciously spending time with me over the weeks breaking down Chinese weightlifting theory and practices. It’s been great to learn about the thinking and practices being held by the other half of the world.

Coach Wu in reference to various weightlifting styles:


We’ve been incorporating these Chinese-style high pulls...


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We’ve been incorporating these Chinese-style high pulls into our programming this past month. The eventual goal is to have this movement help with the timing and tempo from 2nd to 3rd pull, but so far we all just feel kind of silly trying to develop the rhythm of coordinating the elbow drive with the knee release.

For those of you wanting to give this one a whirl, start light at around 80% of your 1RM and practice 3-5 sets of 2-4 reps. Don’t know your 1RM? No problem, go for something that feels like a 7-8/10 effort where 10 is a maximal load and go from there.